Participatory Media Lab launch with ccMixter analysis

Giorgos Cheliotis‘ group at Singapore Management University has launched a site for their Participatory Media Lab, featuring a working paper on ccMixter reuse patterns titled Remix Culture: Creative Reuse and the Licensing of Digital Media in Online Communities (pdf) and including data and visualizations from this and earlier research on open content, previously blogged here last October and June.

At Asia and Commons in the Information Age (ACIA) this weekend Giorgos will present on Licensing Attitudes in Asia and (mis)Perceptions of Free Culture.

I’m very eager for additional researchers to take a serious look at all aspects of the use and reuse of CC licensed works. My talk at ACIA will be on this subject: Toward Useful CC Adoption Metrics.

2 thoughts on “Participatory Media Lab launch with ccMixter analysis”

  1. Hi can you please clarify the date this paper was published – on the first page of the .pdf it says 10 January 2007 but your post is from this year and the data set was collected in June 2007 so I am thinking there is a typo on the cover page and it should read 10 January 2008??

    I am very interested in this type of research and would be pleased if you would keep my contact details in there is any opportunity to participate in similar projects of this nature,


  2. Hi Sally, I think you are correct, the cover page should read 10 January 2008. I’ll forward your email to Giorgos. Thanks!

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