Songza, a beautifully designed music search engine and jukebox, recentlly launched with a chorus of praise concerning its design, implementation, and simplicity (read about the project here). Of particularly interest to the CC community is Songza’s commitment to CC-licensed music and artists, with Songza actively looking to promote and feature CC-licensed music through their Self-Promotion Beta Program. This is a killer opportunity for musicians in the CC community which carries the potential for enormous exposure. From Songza:

Songza allows users to search for any song or band and listen immediately using a simple, elegant interface. It is rapidly becoming the central place on the Web to find and listen to music.

Artists can benefit from the visibility of music on Songza by participating in our Self-Promotion Beta Program. Your song will be featured in the Recommended list on the Songza homepage (where tens of thousands of listeners will see it and can listen); you also get to define the links that appear next to your song while it’s playing so that people can buy the song or visit your band’s website.

No matter what type of CC license applies to your work, you can benefit from the Songza Self-Promotion Beta Program. Creative Commons license information will be displayed when the song is playing, and Songza doesn’t allow users to download material, so the more restrictive licenses will not be infringed upon.

Sign up now, and Songza will send an e-mail to the first round of participants with simple instructions on how to get their work featured in the Recommended list.

3 thoughts on “Songza”

  1. Quite nice indeed! But too bad that it’s not providing real music-on-demand! I prefer to it websites like which provide free music-on-demand, this means you can listen to a song as often as you want, anytime you want! Really great system!

  2. What happened to the old Songza? I miss the way it used to be, where you could look up a song and send to to a friend. So simple, so nice. Sometimes change isn’t so good and this is proof.

  3. Does anyone know how to get you playlist back on Songza? Is it still there and I just don’t know how to find it? Or is it just gone and I have to start over? I agree with Dale, this change is definitely NOT good!!

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