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Zhura is a new screenwriting and community website that utilizes CC licenses to enable unparalleled avenues for online collaboration between screenwriters. Although CC licensing works is optional (you have the ability to write and share works privately), the “public” area of Zhura allows screenwriters to collaborate on projects they would have never been a part of otherwise. The possibilities are vast and unprecedented, ranging from an independent filmmaker making a noncommercial adaptation of someone else’s treatment to community fueled script collaborations. From Zhura:

“Zhura provides the most advanced online screenwriting tool in the industry, plus the ability to connect with the global writing community. On Zhura, you can work privately on your own projects, collaborate in private with your friends, or collaborate with the global public community.”

Membership is free and members may choose to work in any or all three of the ways listed above. However, it is in the “Public” area of the site which Zhura has adopted Creative Commons. When members create a “Script”, they are required to answer two questions: 1) Allow commercial use of your work? and 2) Allow modifications of your work? And based on their answers to these questions a Creative Commons License is assigned. From this “Create Script” page, as well as from within any Public Script that has been created, members can jump directly to your Creative Commons site for more information.

Posted 29 February 2008