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Total Recut


Total Recut is an online social networking community for fans and creators of video remixes, recuts, and mash-ups that facilitates online collaboration between video artists. CC licensing is built in to their UI, allowing users to remix one another with relative ease, which in addition to their ‘materials section’ (comprised of CC licensed and Public Domain works) makes for a large body of content to pool from. From TotalRecut:

Total Recut is a social networking, video sharing and resources website for fans and creators of video remixes, recuts and mash-ups, where users can upload, view, share, rate and comment on user generated remixed video clips. Total Recut was created in June 2007 as a result of the Masters Degree project of an Irish graduate student, Owen Gallagher, who wrote his Masters Thesis on remix culture. The Donegal, Ireland based service uses embedding technology to display a wide array of video content, including movie trailer recuts, political remixes, machinima, subvertisements, music mash-ups and many others. The site also contains original material that users can remix including a large number of public domain videos and Creative Commons licensed clips.

Unregistered users of Total Recut are able to watch videos on the site, while registered users may submit an unlimited number of videos and make wiki style changes to any information relating to the content. The site offers social networking opportunities in the ability to add friends, comment on each others profiles, start personal video collections and send messages, as well as an active forum and blog, which users can contribute to freely. Users can also enter contests to win prizes, find tutorials and tools to help them create their own remixes, learn about the issues surrounding remix culture, including the balance between copyright and freedom of expression, download mobile content to their cellphones and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Posted 05 March 2008