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Creative Commons is working with the Access to Knowledge Project to create Ukraine jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

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Project Lead: Andriy Pazyuk, National Academy of Public Management, Fellow (Ukraine, Kyiv); Ms. Galina Sovenko, Public Agency for Copyright and Related Rights, Chief Legal Adviser (Ukraine, Kyiv). (email)

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More about the Access to Knowledge Project

Access to Knowledge Project (joint initiative of NGO Privacy Ukraine and International Renaissance Foundation). The text of Creative Commons license has already been adapted for the Ukrainian Copyright Law by the joint initiative of NGO Privacy Ukraine and International Renaissance Foundation. After its first presentation during the conference “Scientific Communication and the Open Access” held in Kyiv, Ukraine 17-19 Feb, 2005 several months has been spent for public consultations and discussions with domestic leading legal experts. The concept of public licenses operating on-line is new for Ukrainian Copyright Law and amendments to the existent legal framework are required. We hope that popularization of the open content licenses in Ukraine will push the parliamentarians for the adoption of the changes to Copyright Law allowing to conclude such kind of agreements on-line and will brought public attention to the access to knowledge issues.

More information about the Access to Knowledge Project is available at

Posted 06 March 2008