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Diesel Sweeties Archive Released Under CC License


rstevens (the r is for Richard), creator of popular webcomic Diesel Sweeties, announced on his blog that starting today he will be releasing the entire Diesel Sweeties archive for free under a CC BY-NC license. The archive contains close to 2,000 web comics, offering massive potential for to interesting reuses (via Boing Boing):

By my calculations, DS is going to hit 2000 comics in a little under two months. April is Clango’s 8th birthday. I’d like to celebrate by releasing the entire webcomic archive for free in ten volumes. It worked for Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead- not bad company to try and keep!

These files will be in PDF form, available one per week for ten weeks. You can donate if so inclined, or take advantage of ten classic shirt designs @$10.99. At the end of ten weeks, I plan to release a special anniversary art book.

All eBooks will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. You’re free to reformat them into .CBR, Word docs, XML, whatever you like. You’re also free to archive and share them with others for free. They’re even small enough to email. Just don’t use them commercially.

Posted 12 March 2008