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Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts Film Festival


An update on Nine Inch Nails’ new CC-licensed album, Ghosts I-IV. Today, NIN’s Trent Reznor announced the launch of the Ghosts Film Festival project on YouTube. Reznor describes it as an “expansion of the Ghosts project into the visual world.”

The concept is for you to take whatever tracks you feel inspired by from Ghosts and create what you feel should accompany them visually. You will be able to see all of the submissions, and a team of us (including me) will be sorting through them and setting aside ones we feel are exceptional. Eventually (within a couple of months?) we will present a virtual “film festival” with me and some special guests presenting selections of your work.

Remember: an easy way to add Creative Commons license data to videos you upload to YouTube is in the “About This Video” field. Check out the page for Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah” for a good example.

Posted 13 March 2008