Flickr Re-Use Stories

Calling all Flickr photographers and CC-licensors – we are compiling a list of interesting and/or unique stories of re-use of CC-licensed photos on Flickr and we need your help!

If you or someone you know has had their photographs reused in an intriguing way, please send the story and corresponding photograph to melissa AT creativecommons DOT org. This is super significant in helping us explain to the larger community why CC is important for photographers. We have a short time frame and any help from those in the CC community is greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Flickr Re-Use Stories”

  1. Making my photos available on flickr using a CC-license has made wonderful things happen. My photos have been used in classrooms, in books and on blogs. They have been used to illustrate articles in Wikipedia or help charities’ fund-raising campaigns.

    Some 41 of my flickr photos (that I know of) have been used through CC (although I am actually making thousands available). I have tagged each one of them ‘ccpublished’ and generally write a comment on the photo with a link to where it has been used:

  2. I re-use a lot of CC-licensed images from Flickr (always with attribution, of course), so although I’m not a great photographer myself I am very grateful to those who are and share their work.

    FWIW, I only ever use work that is available for commercial and derivative use (ShareAlike or otherwise); although my use is not usually commercial I don’t want to be restricted in case anyone starts paying for my magazine in the future. (And my use is always derivative: such as this combination of two CC images with colour and balance shifting.)

  3. I have both had my photos reused and reuse photos from flickr.
    I’ve had many non-profits request permission to use my photos (though I believe my CC settings permits this without requests). A number of churches around the world have started projecting images during their ceremonies and have used my nature, sunset and vermont photos for these. I also had a number of ‘psychology’ help sites request use of my 365 portraits since they include ones where I’m crying, happy, etc.
    I work with a nonprofit that helps VT state parks and have requested permission to reuse photos from flickr – typically of invasive species and wildlife – usually for our newletter and for state park maps given out by the park for free.

    hope these are useful…cheers, paul moody

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