Creative Commons Announces New Leadership, New Funding

Eric Steuer

Today, Creative Commons is excited to make two important announcements.

First, we’re thrilled about a major new grant of $4 million from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, consisting of $2.5 million to provide general support to Creative Commons over five years, as well as $1.5 million to support ccLearn.

We’re also pleased to announce some changes to CC’s leadership that reflect. Lawrence Lessig is stepping down as CEO of Creative Commons, to focus on his newly-launched project, Change Congress. He will be replaced by entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and free culture advocate Joi Ito. Lessig will remain on the Creative Commons board.

From Larry:

“Both pieces of news we are announcing today reflect Creative Commons’ maturation from a startup into crucial infrastructure for creativity, education, and research in the digital age.”

Founding board member and Duke law professor James Boyle will become chair of the board, replacing Ito, who will remain on the board.

Read more about this news on the press release we issued today.

5 thoughts on “Creative Commons Announces New Leadership, New Funding”

  1. Great news and a very worthy cause for philanthropy. CC has revolutionized the use and creation of content. Really, the best thing since sliced bread. As for the terms “entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and free culture advocate” being in the same sentence is an indication of how right things are going. Usually, at least one of the three terms are mutually exclusive.

  2. Congratulation for getting these very well deserved grants and all the best for the new leadership and their commitment to enlarge the scope of Creative Commons.

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