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ccMixter's Trifonic Releases Tracks into Commons


After finishing at USC music department and working with electronic superstar BT, Brian Trifon joined his brother Laurence to enter ccMixter‘s first remix contest with a one-off band they called Trifonic. Their entry Bored on Your Backside went on to be the top vote getter in the contest and album opener for the WIRED remix CD. As Trifonic they entered two more contests at ccMixter – and won both of those placing Stranger from Below on Magnatune’s Lisa Debendictis: Mixter One album and The Next Step in the Copyright Criminals movie.

Then Hollywood started calling and their music was getting licensed all over including for TV shows such as CSI.

Spurred by their success on ccMixter they decided to make it official and collaborated with songwriters and singers to create their aptly named debut album Emergence and in a very generous gesture back to the Commons have released the solo tracks, including the a cappellas into the Commons under a BY-NC license for sharing and remixing. You can download the tracks from ccMixter.

“Thanks to the community at ccMixter for all the inspiring remixes and support!” says Brian. “We wouldn’t be here without ccMixter… seriously, that was our first real step as Trifonic.” Read more about their history, working process and other happy things in their Artist Spotlight Q & A.

Posted 09 April 2008