2nd Blender Peach Open Source Movie Premiere and Economies of the Commons in Amsterdam

Character from http://bigbuckbunny.org

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam or checked out what great work Paul Keller and CC Netherlands is doing, then I highly recommend you A.) get here when you can by jet, or B.) tap into their great projects on the net. In particular, I’m referring to the big premiere 2nd Annual Blender Peach Open Movie in Amsterdam last night. I had the great honor of speaking before the premiere which actually felt more like a warm-up gig — I took it on myself to get people pumped up for the film (laughing, chanting, etc). You can also see my slides here which debut a new style using the CC Sharing Creative Works Comics (which you may download now and translate, just as CC Netherlands has done and made availabe in a booklet here).

And finally, I spoke on a panel today called “Commons-based Peer Production” at the Economies of the Commons conference put on by CC Netherlands and others:

Strategies for Sustainable Access and Creative Reuse of Images and Sounds Online

International Working Conference
Amsterdam & Hilversum 10, 11 & 12 April 2008

This dossier documents and brings together background materials for the international conference Economies of the Commons. This public working conference and its side programs address the remarkable cultural, educational and societal significance of the new types of audiovisual commons resources that are currently being created on the internet. Sustainable public access and enhanced opportunities for creative reuse of these resources are the particular focus of this conference and this web dossier.

My panel and fellow panelists are described below:

described below:

After the lunch we continue with the second session about Commons-based Peer Production. How do new developments of creative reuse hold out against market-based production? With Felix Stalder (Open Flows), Jamie King (Steal This Film), Jon Phillips (Creative Commons) en Sebastian LÃŒtgert (oil21.org).

The panel came down to Ton Rosendaal from Blender Foundation describing his model for sustainability for Open film projects (something you will hear me describe in more depth coming soon) and Jamie King’s promise for creating a better voluntary donation system. I took the position as the realist on the panel to reel in the gradient between what commercial entities are presently doing to sustain content distribution (and production in some instances) with the approaches outlined to provide a path of realidad 😉

4 thoughts on “2nd Blender Peach Open Source Movie Premiere and Economies of the Commons in Amsterdam”

  1. Yes, this is totally cool. Hopefully, once the full content is released, the license will allow for translations and other scaling of the media, as well as new remixes.

  2. Which I’d been there for the premiere! Ton and the gang are doing an excellent job – hopefully will be able to catch up with Blender institute happenings later in the year at Picnic 08.

  3. Reagarding to the donation for open film projects, there certainly should be more competitions with rewards. Project teams ought to be consist of students, professionals and maybe lateral thinkers who have certain knowledge that could be useful. In my eyes the film industry has a huge interest in such projects expacting indirect turn-over. I was at the premiere of Big Buck Bunny and it was awesome and I am addicted now, so I think the only way is to promote, promote, promote!! I will do my part! Hopefully the community will grow and I really appreciate your engagement. Kind Regards Billigflug

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