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Computers, Freedom, and Privacy: Technology Policy '08


Early Bird Registration is tomorrow, May 2, for the 18th annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP) conference. This year, the conference is on Technology Policy—focusing on the technology policy priorities of the next administration. From CFP’s site:

“Technology Policy ’08 is an opportunity to participate in shaping those issues being made into laws and regulations and those technological infrastructures being developed. Policies ranging from spyware and national security, to ISP filtering and patent reform, e-voting to electronic medical records, and more will be addressed by expert panels of technologists, policymakers, business leaders, and activists.”

Technology policy affects open education as well, since OER uses computers and the internet as its mediums. ccLearn encourages you to take a look at the issues surrounding and being addressed by CFP ’08. The conference will be held at New Haven, CT from May 20-23. Even if you cannot attend in person, you can partake in the virtual discussion on their blog, facebook, or LinkedIn group. For information on how to register and to view the detailed program, visit their wiki page


Posted 01 May 2008