National Cancer Institute to use Tranche Network to share data

From the Science Commons blog

“The National Cancer Institute will soon be using Tranche to store and share mouse proteomic data from its Mouse Proteomic Technologies Initiative (MPTI). Tranche, a free and open source file sharing tool for scientific data, was one of the earliest testers of CC0. Many thanks to Tranche for providing us with such valuable early feedback on CC0.

From GenomeWeb News:

The MPTI collects tissue and serum measurements from mouse models of different types of cancers using analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry. Tranche researchers, along with University of Michigan researcher Philip Andrews, deposited nearly 1 terabyte of MPTI raw data into the Tranche network, where it can be shared between participating researchers.

The dataset is now being released in publicly accessible formats as well and is available to others in the research community. Because of the encryption used on the site, data on Tranche can be privately used by labs with access to the information until it is ready to be released to the public.

Congratulations to everyone over at Tranche and keep up the good work!”

2 thoughts on “National Cancer Institute to use Tranche Network to share data”

  1. Thanks! I help with the Tranche project and we’ve been excited for quite awhile about helping to publish this data. Several more large, really interesting data sets are in the pipeline. The biggest issue now seems not to be how to share the data, but how to decide what day the data is officially public. Hopefully Tranche will help the higher-ups streamline this process.

  2. All of us at Tranche are very excited about the formal release of this data, and we are also excited about the work on CC0. We encourage collaborations that will open up data access for proteomics.

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