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Uncategorized is a new website that aims to create an easily accessible database of simple ways to make your everyday choices more environmentally friendly. This is accomplished through a listing of broad categories – appliances, personal care, clothing, etc. – with a variety of sub-categories – air-conditioning, face wash, shoes, etc. – that contain professional ‘green’ tips. All the tips are licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license and users are encouraged to contribute comments, feedback, and even their own tips to the site’s database. From GreenYour:

Leveraging open-source content development tools, we’ve built a platform on which writers and researchers can collaborate around specific issues and share their expertise. So far, we have developed more than 100 subject areas with more than 500 green tips. However, we know we have only scratched the surface. There are many more subjects to address, plenty of products and resources to add, and areas that require additional research and guidance.

This is where you come in. We are inviting individuals and organizations with deep environmental backgrounds to contribute their expertise. We also encourage anyone passionate about green living to share tips or products with us. So join us as we work together to expand this resource for a greener anything — and everything!

By using CC licenses, is able to create a vibrant and dense resource that is easily shared over the net. The environmental movement thrives off the pervasion of knowledge – the more people know, the more conscious they can be. By creating a system that makes this knowledge dynamic (i.e. user submitted, community driven), becomes a more ‘sustainable’, and thus more powerful, resource online.

Posted 05 May 2008