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Creative Commons is working with University of Rosario and Karisma Foundation to create Colombia jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC Colombia List

Project Lead: Carolina Botero, Alfredo Vargas, and Andres Umaña

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More about University of Rosario

One of the most prestigious universities of the country, which has formed illustrious scientists and political figures of the country. Founded in 1651 but concluded in 1653.

The Founder instituted as symbols the Rosary, from which its name is derived, and the Cross of Calatrava, and dictated the “Constitutions” as a legal framework which at present govern the organization Universidad del Rosario. The “Constitutions” are based on those established for the College of Salamanca, formerly called the Irish Nobles and today Fonseca.

Guided by the constitutions, El Rosario, as is referred to by the students, is a private and autonomous institution not linked to any political or religious organization. According to the Salmantino model it is governed by de Colegiales de Numero. The Colegiales are fifteen active students of the highest academic standing and moral qualities and conduct, equivalent to the fellows of the English Colleges, who have as their main responsibility the election of the top authorities of the university and execute duties in the Cloister, particularly as Academic secretaries of the Faculties.

Different from other Colombian universities, El Rosario has never seen its academic activities interrupted. This continuity, together with the fulfillment of goals set up by the founder, has definitely made it a leading player in the history of the country.

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More about Karisma Foundation


Karisma Foundation is a Colombian non-profit and non governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2003 and located in Bogota. Its mission is to support the spread and good use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Colombian society. Karisma has worked with educational institutions since its inception, providing content and support on the use of ICTs in the learning process. Karisma now supports many other sectors on the appropriation of ICT and aims to go beyond simple integration into traditional practices and to effectively reflect on the needs and options of each institution.

Karisma produces critic analysis, prodvides consultation, develops proposals, offers trainings, and designs and organizes conferences and seminars as public forums on ICT appropriation, especially regarding educational, citizen and cultural matters. As part of the civil society, Karisma’s work includes serving as a hub where public and private actors can join efforts to discuss, research, promote and enhance the understanding of the knowledge society and it´s capabilities, among which public and institutional policies on Intellectual Property has a special place.

Karisma was born from a family initiative and has developed strong ties with similar institutions and interested individuals to build a strong network that supports different projects. Free and open content and tools are key. As a result of this interest, an independent group “Derecho, Internet y Sociedad” (DIS) has been created. DIS will host, among other projects, the Foundation´s activities related to the public promotion and legal support of Creative Commons under the coordination of Carolina Botero.

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CC Colombia would like to thank Jaime Rojas for his contributions to the project.

Posted 20 May 2008