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Creative Commons is working with the Oslo University College to create jurisdiction-specific licenses for Norway from the “unported” Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Norway List

Legal Project Lead: Olav Torvund
Public Project Lead: Gisle Hannemyr

More about Oslo University College


Creative Commons’ affiliate institution in Norway is Oslo University College (OUC).

Oslo University College is a young, dynamic institution based on strong traditions. It was established in 1994 when the Norwegian college system was restructured and 18 smaller colleges in the Oslo area merged.

Oslo University College offers the broadest portfolio of professional studies available in Norway. OUC is a dynamic institution based on strong traditions in professional education and research. With 11,000 students, OUC are the fourth largest educational institution in Norway.

Oslo University College has more than 50 academic degrees in the following areas: Business Administration, Engineering, Fine Art, Design and Drama, Health Sciences, Media Studies, Social Sciences, and Teacher Education.

Posted 04 June 2008