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CC'ing in SF in 08


If all goes according to plan this should be my first post on the Creative Commons blog.  I’m going to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you why you are going to have see my posts in the future.

My name is Greg Grossmeier and I am the Community Development Intern at Creative Commons this summer.  I am also a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Information specializing in Information Policy.

When not doing academic things I spend my “Free” (as in Freedom) time working with the Open Source Software Community as the team leader of the Ubuntu Michigan Local Community Team along with being an active member of the Ubuntu Bug Control Team.  I’m also a volunteer for the OPEN:Michigan Initiative at the University of Michigan working on Open CourseWare.

My time at Creative Commons this summer will focus on Public Domain books and other written works with the Open Library Project along with producing Case Studies of the use of CC licenses by content creators.  I will be posting more about these topics later so I won’t spoil the fun by telling you everything now, just know that it is going to be a crazy fun summer for everyone!

Posted 11 June 2008