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Jamendo Publishes 10,000th CC-licensed album!


Absolutely amazing news coming from CC-centric music site Jamendo in that they have just released their 10,000th CC-licensed album! From Jamendo:

Jamendo is the first global platform for music downloads under Creative Commons licenses. On Jamendo, thousands of independent artists authorise the sharing of their music. It’s free, legal and unlimited. Jamendo is also a community of artists and music lovers who share their passion, recommend music, create playlists and make Jamendo a benchmark destination for discovering new talent.

“It’s a symbolic figure of course, but it demonstrates the success of this new model for online music promotion that Jamendo has supported from the start and that is made possible by the considerable flexibility of the Creative Commons licences”, commented Laurent Kratz, cofounder and CEO. “We feel certain that the growth potential is huge. A simple illustration of that is the amazing creativity and talent of the thousands of artists who choose to share their music on Jamendo.”

It seems like only yesterday we were praising Jamendo’s ability to publish 2,000 albums and delighting over their 1 millionth download. Congratulations to all those involved!

UPDATE: Jamendo have also just inked deals with Bittorrent mega-aggregator isoHunt, providing users of the site streamlined access to all of Jamendo’s works, as well as a deal with media player maker Archos, who will be including Jamendo in their content portal.

Posted 20 June 2008