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Digital Photo Pro Covers Creative Commons


It has always been a goal of Creative Commons to integrate our licenses into communities of creators of all skill levels, from those of amateurs to those of experienced professionals. This is why it is wonderful to see the industry magazine Digital Photo Pro spotlight our licenses and the important implications that professional photographers should make when considering them:

CC also has developed an incredibly passionate following and has been adopted by the online imaging heavyweight Flickr, which boasts an image library of more than two billion photos. The growing CC community aims to get content owners to think about image rights and to garner community support behind copyright owners. Leveraging this growing movement, CC has been pursuing two larger objectives to increase respect for copyright holders and to create a licensing/interaction model that lawmakers can reference as an alternate to the existing copyright framework more fitting to modern photographer/photo-publisher interaction.

The article tackles the question of whether or not CC is “worth it” for photographers, professional or otherwise:

Is CC enough? Whether you’re a professional photographer or not, one should realize the answer to this question is an individual choice and hardly black or white. Assigning a CC license to your photographs can provide benefits in the form of exposure and search-engine optimization when links are provided in any resulting attribution.

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Posted 07 July 2008