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BALUG July 15, P2P Media Summit Silicon Valley August 4 and more


Two upcoming speaking engagements that should be fun, at least for me…

Next week Bay Area Linux Users Group in San Francisco. This should be fun because I’ve attended a bunch of BALUG meetings, mostly in the last decade, and due to location and great volunteers their speakers are a who’s who of open source, and my talk will include some material I covered at LugRadio Live USA in a talk a few months ago, which I think makes a number of points that ought to be better known regarding where free culture is relative to free software/open source. I’d love comments. See the LugRadio video and slides or better yet come to BALUG next week.

August 4 I’ll speak at the Distributed Computing Industry Association’s P2P Media Summit Silicon Valley in San Jose, exact topic to be determined. I’m really pleased to be speaking here, as in the past I’ve found distributed computing/P2P conferences to have the highest idea quotient of any in the vicinity (e.g., the first O’Reilly P2P conference in 2001, which eventually turned into ETech, and CodeCon) and I think there are many interesting questions and latent opportunities for P2P with the free/open world and vice versa — last year I barely touched on several of these in a workshop at the iSummit, and I really look forward to digging into these.

DCIA is offering a special member rate to P2P Media Summit attendees referred by Creative Commons. Regular conference registration is here. To get the special rate call DCIA Business Affairs/Sari Lafferty, contact information on the conference home page.

Thanks to BALUG and DCIA!

Between these events and elsewhere, CC will be heavily represented at the very important Euroscience Open Forum (Barcelona), OSCON (Portland), CC Salon New York, and iSummit’08 (Sapporo). And I have to mention Wikimania (Alexandria), which I will attend … sadly, next year, though there will probably be no more interesting and relevant conference in this time period.

Posted 10 July 2008