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Case Studies – The Book!


If you have only been reading the updates on the international Creative Commons blog (this one) about the Case Studies project you have been missing some important news.

Creative Commons Australia, the leaders in the Case Study project, have just released the first draft version of the Case Studies book pdf: Building an Australasian Commons. This is one high quality book that show cases all of the Australian Case Studies. A huge “Congrats!” goes to Rachel Cobcroft and everyone else who has put so much time into this project and produced such a wonderful tool for all to use.

Building an Australasian Commons - Cover

If you like this book enough that you want to print your own copy, GO FOR IT! However, for those of you that will want to print a large number of these my advice is to wait; there will be a newer more finalized version soon which will make some changes you will want.

Now, go add your own Case Studies to the project wiki so that the next version might have YOUR case study included!

Original Creative Commons Australia announcement here: LINK .

Posted 29 July 2008