libLicense 0.8 now available!

Thanks to the great work of Asheesh Laroia, Software Engineer here at Creative Commons, the libLicense software package is now available for software developers. The new package can now be found in both Debian and Ubuntu (development versions) and will be in Fedora soon.

That is all well and good, but what does it mean for you and what can you do (as a developer)?

  • First, try it! Tell us what you think of its functionality and interface.
  • Secondly, integrate it into your application. There is interest in getting it into Inkscape, the Open Source vector graphics editor.
  • Finally, you can help us improve our test cases. Read more about this in Asheesh’s email.

This is a great time to add Creative Commons licensing awareness to your applications.

Watch the interview with Asheesh Laroia about liblicense on

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