Creative Commons @ SXSW

SXSW, the popular music-interactive-film mega-conference in Austin Texas has launched their interactive panel picker. Eric and I proposed a number of panels that we think would make for good sessions. But we need your help to make them happen in 2009. Please visit the panel picker, read our panel descriptions, and create an account to vote for them!

Here are the direct links to our proposed panels for your clicking pleasure:

Either way, mark your calendars for March 13th-17th and we’ll see you there.

2 thoughts on “Creative Commons @ SXSW”

  1. South by SW generate 100 of thousands of dollars through artists that apply to goto this event, that have no chance of getting into the event.

    The artists that to get picked to go to this event are artists that are already owned by major’s or indie labels. Or management has a hand in how they get in. This event has nothing to do with self publishing of art, from my view, yet if it does. Please explain how.

    I heard that this conference has a couple of spaces were artists that are not a part of the establishment hang out. Why want CC hang out with these people.

    When CC goes to this event, they are endorsing what the event means. Is this good ?

    What do the topics above have to do with artists getting their tunes heard using a creative commons license?

  2. Hi Jam,
    Thanks for your thoughts on our panels. Creative Commons’ participation in SXSW is part of our larger goal of advocating for our licenses and the ideas, technology, and issues surrounding them.

    Keep in mind that these are panel suggestions for the “Interactive” part of the conference, not the music part.

    We’ve chosen to focus on SXSW’s interactive sessions because think people can benefit from learning about CC. These panels are attended by many people who are working in the intersection of user generated content, music, media, and rights.

    More generally, however, information about how to use our licenses (and services to help promote CC work) is already available on our website, so it is not an all-or-nothing decision. People interested in CC licenses and ‘getting their tunes heard’ already have a myriad of venues and possible opportunities available to them online.

    Finally, the topics we’ve proposed panels about are meant to be general-interest panels that are not merely promotion spots for Creative Commons. Our basic assumption is that most people understand CC at SXSW, so we’re interested in provoking further thoughts about what it means to use (or not use) our licenses in different contexts. With a little imagination, I am sure how you can see how all of our panel topics directly implicate questions about CC licensed works.



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