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CC Salon LA (9/3/08): Xeni Jardin and GOOD Magazine


For those who will be missing out on tonight’s amazing CC Salon SF, we have some good news (if you are based in LA) – we are ecstatic to announce that the CC Salon LA continues next month (9/3/08) with an amazing duo of presenters – joining us will be Xeni Jardin, Tech Culture Journalist and co-editor at Boing Boing, and Casey Caplowe, Creative Director of GOOD Magazine.

Both will discuss how CC, and ‘openness’ in general, has been employed in their respective undertakings, touching on the the successes they have had as well as obstacles they have had to overcome, specifically in regards to traditional and non-traditional journalism. Both will be available for Q&A after their presentations.

The Salon will be taking place at the always wonderful FOUND LA (Google map) between 7:30PM – 9:30PM. Follow the event on Upcoming, mark attending on Facebook, and make sure to come down and hear from two exemplary members of the CC community on their experiences with open licensing. As always, there will be free (as in beer) drinks for the entire night.

Posted 13 August 2008