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Monk Turner Releases New Album Love Story

Open Culture

LA-based multi-instrumentalist and former Featured Commoner Monk Turner released his latest album, Love Story, a little under a week ago for free download on The album is released under a CC BY-NC-ND license, making it his fifth album released in this vein, his second this year, and twentieth overall. From Monk Turner:

I wasn’t planning on making another concept album after I recorded my first one. But, somehow 20 albums later here we are. Being that this was going to be the 20th, I wanted to do something special and go beyond making just another album. About three years ago, a friend suggested I write an album of romantic love songs instead of the usual love dilemmas I tend to write about. While this idea excited me, I wanted a 3rd dimension and I thought this would be a great opportunity to take the idea of ‘concept art’ to the next level by including conceptual visual art. After a long search I found Junji Lee as a visual artist who suggested the love songs follow the Buddhist path to enlightenment or 10 Bulls. In typical fashion, the whole album was written in just under 2 weeks and demos were sent out for critique.

Posted 16 September 2008