Ubuntu FreeCulture Showcase Winners Announced

The Ubuntu FreeCulture Showcase, which was announced back in August, has now come to an end and the winners revealed.

Congratulations to both Andrés Vidau and Andrew Higginson! Their winning submissions will be on over a million Ubuntu users’ desktops!

Andrés won the audio division with the song “Patas de Trapo” which you can download here. From the Ubuntu Fridge News Announcement, “Patas de Trapo is a track that was born in a one-track side project, and in collaboration with guitar player Mauricio Barron, current member of indie rock band A Colores.”

Andrew Higginson won the video division with “Stop Motion Ubuntu” that you can download here. This winning submission is Andrew’s first use of motion video as medium instead of still images.

Go check out all the submissions at the FreeCulture Showcase website. And remember, Ubuntu will be doing this again for the next release so start thinking of what your entry will be.

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  1. hola amigoss sit de venezuela.. les escribo solo para pedirles un gran favor.. me gustaria que me dijeran donde puedo conseguir la cancion del grupo q se llama Caravanacid ” patas de trapo” es la cancion…la escuche por primera ves cuando tuve ubuntu en mi pc. y la verdad es que me gusto mucho la cancion.. espero su respuestas– saludos desde venezuela.. luis-escalona_4817@hotmail.com.

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