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CC Salon LA (11/11/08): Dublab and Lucas Gonze


In a little under two weeks, CC Salon LA returns (11/11/08) with a fantastic combination of presenters – joining us will be web radio collective Dublab and Lucas Gonze, net-label theorist and XSPF developer.

Both presentations will discuss how CC, and ‘openness’ in general, is affecting web radio and net labels, both from an economic and artistic vantage, with a Q&A to follow each. Additionally, Dublab will be bringing a physical ‘Into Infinity’ loop station, allowing Salon goers to create their own 8-second loops in the vein of Into Infinity, the CC/Dublab co-sponsored art exhibit ask salon attendees to create noise – both as a group and as individuals – which will be recorded and turned into audio loops that will be used for the Into Infinity project, a new art exhibition produced in collaboration with Creative Commons.

The Salon will be taking place at the always wonderful FOUND Gallery (Google map) between 7:30PM – 9:30PM. Follow the event on Upcoming, mark attending on Facebook, and make sure to come down and hear from two exemplary members of the CC community on their experiences with open licensing. As always, there will be free (as in beer) drinks for the entire night.

Posted 30 October 2008