Campaign Exclusive: Custom USB Drives & Unreleased Jonathan Coulton Album

Mega Green FlashdriveThe ever innovative Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Jonathan Coulton has teamed up with Creative Commons to release his greatest hits compilation “JoCo Looks Back” on a 1gb custom Creative Commons jump drive to help support our 2008 campaign. If that weren’t enough, JoCo and CC have also included all of the unmixed audio tracks for every song on the drive. That’s over 700mb of JoCo thing-a-week goodness. Since all of JoCo’s music is released under our Attribution-NonCommercial license, this is an incredible opportunity for the public to remix and reuse his fantastic music. Song files are in 320kbps MP3 and unmixed audio tracks are in 256 VBR MP3.

We’ll be offering the drives exclusively at our $50 dollar donation level (and above) until December 31st. Also included are a account, an OpenID identity, and a 2008 campaign sticker.

Jonathan also wrote a wonderful commoner letter speaking on how he, as a musician, uses Creative Commons to support himself and his career. Read it here.

These are the tracks featured on the compilation:

  1. Code Monkey
  2. Ikea
  3. I Feel Fantastic
  4. Mandelbrot Set
  5. Tom Cruise Crazy
  6. Shop Vac
  7. Chiron Beta Prime
  8. I’m Your Moon
  9. My Monkey
  10. Skullcrusher Mountain
  11. I Crush Everything
  12. When You Go
  13. A Talk With George
  14. You Ruined Everything
  15. Creepy Doll
  16. Mr. Fancy Pants
  17. Baby Got Back
  18. First of May
  19. Re Your Brains (spelled “Re: Your Brains” on album cover)
  20. The Future Soon

13 thoughts on “Campaign Exclusive: Custom USB Drives & Unreleased Jonathan Coulton Album”

  1. If I donated recently (and thus do not need a account and other goodies), can I purchase the drive separately? If not, might I suggest that option? Thanks.

  2. Matt,

    You can purchase the drive by making a $50 donation. 🙂

    Sorry, it is a limited time offer, these things happen opportunistically during fund drives. If you don’t want other schwag leave a note in the donation form or send an email to when you donate. If you don’t need another account, just ignore the invitation.


    Yes, we ship internationally.

    Others, feel free to comment or send email to with further questions.

  3. Well, here’s my first little creation, in which I put words into JoCo’s mouth that I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind saying. ‘Code Monkey Like Creative Commons’:

    I hope it’s appropriately tagged to comply with the license. Information about songs never seems to fit neatly into ID3 tags.

    Oh yeah, it works on Macs, but I did find that the Finder tends to freeze up when I have the drive in, and then some things stop working until I eject the drive. Anyway, I’ve copied the contents somewhere else. It seemed to have problems in the middle of copying, but it got past it and everything’s fine now. I guess there was just a fault in my one, but I’ll mention it in case someone else had the same problem.

  4. One other question.

    The budget’s a little tight due to the Christmas season. How long do I have to get the key drive before the offer expires?

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