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Creative Commons is working with the Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law & Policy (CAPTEL) to create jurisdiction-specific licenses for Singapore from the “unported” Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Singapore List

Legal Project Lead: Lam Chung Nian

Public Project Lead: Assistant Professor Giorgos Cheliotis; Fellow, CAPTEL

Community Manager: Ivan Chew

More about the Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law & Policy (CAPTEL)

The Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law & Policy (CAPTEL) is a research center founded to investigate and research issues on how businesses and economies are being affected by the challenges of new technologies on law, regulation and policy. CAPTEL is located at the Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University.

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CC Singapore and CCi would like to thank Associate Professor Anil Samtani, Deputy-Director of CAPTEL, for his substantial efforts to adapt and promote the CC licenses in Singapore as part of his former role as the team’s Legal Project Lead.

Posted 17 November 2008