Eighth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival DVDs on Sale

The Media that Matters 8th Annual Festival DVDs have officially gone on sale. There are a number of facts that make these DVDs exceptional in the festival and documentary world:

If you’re interested in submitting your work to the 9th Annual Media that Matters Film Festival, check out their submission page here. Either way, consider buying a DVD today!

2 thoughts on “Eighth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival DVDs on Sale”

  1. This is an amazing initiative, particularly given it is into its 8th occurance. The issue that concerns me is the use of a CC-BY-NC-ND. How does a ND encourage reuse if we cant create a derivative?

  2. Hi Peter — thanks for your comments. We think what AE is doing is pretty great, too.

    In terms of the definition of reuse, I suppose it is a semantic issue, and varies on how you define the term in a cultural context. I’ll grant that the term “remix” implies derivatives, but I think “reuse” just implies a re-contextualization of a work.

    If we think of cultural works as objects, then isn’t it proper to think of an object getting reused without making a derivative? Think of a milk jug getting reused as a flower vase rather than being recycled.



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