Reminder: CC Salon SF tomorrow (2/11/09)!


We hope you’ll join us tomorrow evening at our CC Salon SF from 7-9pm at PariSoMa, located at 1436 Howard Street, San Francisco (map and directions). You’ll get the chance to meet the entire CC staff and hear about our latest projects on the international scene and in education, science, and culture. There will also be time for questions and discussion. Whether you’ve been a fan of CC from the start or you’re new to the world of free culture, this salon is not to be missed! Light refreshments will be provided.

Please note: The space is located up two steep flights of stairs, so if anyone is in need of elevator access, there is a freight elevator we can use. You will just need to buzz up when you arrive and let someone know.

We rely on the generosity of our community to keep us afloat, so we’ll be accepting donations for CC at the door. If you didn’t get a chance to support us during our fundraising campaign, now is your chance.

CC Salons are global events, and anyone can start one, no matter where you live. We encourage you to check out our resources for starting your own salon in your area.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: CC Salon SF tomorrow (2/11/09)!”

  1. This is actually a comment on the previous blog entry, which appears to have comments turned off.

    Regarding the collaboration with Nike and BestBuy – I understand that reaching out to commercial organizations can be beneficial to the cause of free culture, but I have to question the choice of these two firms.

    Nike: known for their sweatshops and exploitative cruel working conditions for their employees (among them small children).

    BestBuy: known for their high-pressure sales and other sleazy business practices. Maybe not as bad as exploiting child labor, but still..

    Are these really the organizations you want to get in bed with?

    Branding is important, and when I see the CC logo, I feel trust and goodwill, it represents to me cooperation for the greater good.

    Conversely when I see the Nike swoop I think of the worse excesses of modern corporations, soulless, exploitative and completely uncaring of the common good. By placing the two together you are indelibly tarnishing the goodwill of the former.

  2. today is the 12th. darn. where’s my time machine? how did it go? when is the next party? can i meet someone on staff next time i’m in the city?



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