Call for Remixes: Snowflake's Earth Day Challenge

Creative Commons and Snowflake are proud to announce a call for remixes in honor of Earth Day 2009. Singer, musician and poet Snowflake has put all the stems, including the a cappella for her song Apologize into the Commons under an Attribution NonCommercial license, hosted on ccMixter, and is looking for remixes to be featured on her site on April 20th.

After all the remixes are posted, Snowflake will pick her favorite remix and include it as a surprise 11th track on her FanClub release “One or Ten” on April 20th. She tells us the remixer will be awarded producer royalties for the track as well.

In addition, Snowflake has generously offered to donate $200 to a green non-profit, to be chosen by the producer of her favorite remix of Apologize.

Snowflake is a long time and popular contributor to ccMixter and thinks “ccMixter embodies a significant evolution in synergistic sound. With creativity expanding from its source, our musical compositions gain color, speed and strength as we share, mix, and mash.”

Make sure to check out Snowflake at her new website that features both her ccMixter source tracks and five favorite remixes.

There’s not a lot time left to crank out the tunes so read more and download the sources at Snowflake’s Earth Day Call for Remixes.

4 thoughts on “Call for Remixes: Snowflake's Earth Day Challenge”

  1. Dear talented friends at ccMixter…

    I have been so moved by the remixes you’ve created so far. I am inspired. Thank you.

    I’d like to extend the deadline to Friday night (April 17), 11:59p PST!!!

    Please take the No Plastic Pledge for EarthDay (no plastic bags or bottles)….



  2. THANK YOU!!!!!

    I’ve been listening to the remixes all day!

    I’ve been working with a group of EarthDay volunteers, listening to each of *you* while we prepare for our Heal the Gyre EarthDay event tomorrow.

    We have a big stage/dance area and will be featuring each of your remixes tomorrow throughout the day at EarthDay San Diego.

    The meditation that will be featured tomorrow at 3p uses bed tracks from essesq & MiNiMaL_aRT. It will also be posted on

    I look forward to listening to your creations again all day tomorrow – as will about 60,000 others. Thank you again.

    With gratitude,


  3. I am sooo excited that DJ Quenique is doing a MegaMix of his 8 favorite ‘Apologize’ EarthDay Remixes recorded by ccMixter artists. I have promised not to tell which tracks he selected until he’s done with the mix. Quenique has burned each Mixter’s Remix to CD and is using CDJs to record the MegaMix! How cool is that? 😉

    I’ll post the Apologize MegaMix featuring the 8 ccMixter tracks on as soon as I get it! 😀

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