CC board chair Esther Wojcicki on teachers sharing … and supporting CC

Esther Wojcicki, Chair of the Creative Commons board of directors, has insightful comments on a recent New York Times story on teachers selling lessons online. Esther’s column in the Huffington Post closes with:

While it is an interesting alternative for teachers to have the option of selling their lesson plans, realistically the culture of teachers nationwide is one of sharing, not selling.

How true! Read the whole column, which also includes a good overview of available open educational resources.

Also, our entire board is making a public committment to raise funds for our campaign this year. We’re rolling out “personal campaign pages” for board members, where they explain why they are personally commited to CC and ask you to help them support us. Check out Esther’s campaign page and support Creative Commons today. Currently your contribution will be doubled by WhippleHill, a communications company that shares our values of openness and innovation on the web, with a particular focus on education.

1 thought on “CC board chair Esther Wojcicki on teachers sharing … and supporting CC”

  1. I agree with Esther, the culture of teachers is definitely sharing and rightly so. If the scenario is teachers selling to each other, it makes it very difficult for new capital and resources to enter the system. In a sharing scenario, teachers work together to increase efficiency. The increase in capital comes in terms of saved time.

    It makes more sense for teachers to be doing what they do best… Teach! To me, turning the focus to creating a competitive lesson plan market hardly seems like the solution for increasing teacher effectiveness.

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