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Digital Garage pledges $100,000 to Creative Commons!


Digital Garage has just pledged $100,000 to support Creative Commons’ work in 2010. Digital Garage has been a key corporate funder of Creative Commons since 2006 and we’re thrilled to continue having their support.

Digital Garage CEO Kaoru Hayashi explains their mission:

Digital Garage was founded so we could contribute to the building of a better society by creating the Internet contexts for “real space” and ever-expanding “cyber space,” as well as by connecting Japan with countries overseas, marketing with technology and the present with the future.

Creative Commons is a key piece that helps enable their mission, and we’re proud to continue working with Digital Garage and other innovative companies who value collaboration and creativity.

With Digital Garage’s help, as of this moment we need to raise $105,245 of our $500,000 goal for this year’s campaign. That gap will get smaller by the moment — but only if you help. Please join Digital Garage and the thousands of people and organizations investing in the future of creativity and knowledge by donating to Creative Commons today!

Posted 29 December 2009