Big thank you to Squidoo!

We’re thrilled to announce a $15,000 gift from Squidoo, the popular publishing platform that allows you to create and share content with the world. So why are they supporting CC? Seth Godin, Squidoo’s Founder says:

Creative Commons is doing something incredibly difficult and valuable: they are changing expectations. Before CC, the default mode for everything was to lock it up, forever, in a way that cripples the community. With CC, the new default is to share unless there’s a good reason not to. And sharing is our future.

We couldn’t agree more. Join Seth in supporting CC and making sure fair sharing is our future.

One thought on “Big thank you to Squidoo!”

  1. Ooo! This rocks! I love being a Squidoo user and knowing that in some small way, my own work is supporting Creative Commons.

    Thank you very much, Creative Commons, and thank you to every last artist and photographer who has been generous enough to share, so that our own contributions to the web are better than we could make them on our own.

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