Legal Assistance for Game Developers: New Project from New Media Rights

Our friends at New Media Rights are putting together an ambitious project, a collection of videos called Legal Assistance for Game Developers (LAGD). NMR is in the last days of an Indiegogo campaign to fund the next season of LAGD videos.

From NMR:

The goal of the LAGD videos is to empower indies as well as people who want to enter the “mainstream” game industry with information on how they can prevent problems before they happen. Free access to this information up front, as well as access to direct legal services means that indie developers can spend more time making successful, innovative games and less time dodging legal threats.

In season two, we’d like to do episodes on some of these topics:

  • Cloning games: what you can do if your game has been cloned OR what you can get away with cloning
  • Privacy policies and data collection in mobile games
  • Putting together your own contracts without a lawyer in the indie games industry
  • An introduction to contracts in the mainstream game industry
  • FTC disclosure and advertising requirements
  • Venture financing and mergers/acquisitions

Interviewees include luminaries like Valve cofounder Gabe Newell, Gish designer Edmund McMillen, and IGN cofounder Peer Schneider.

Intriguingly, NMR has chosen a sliding-scale approach to CC licensing. All videos are currently licensed CC BY-NC. If the fundraiser reaches $20,000, the videos will be licensed CC BY-SA. At $30,000, CC BY, and at $50,000, NMR will release the videos into the public domain under the CC0 waiver.

But if you’re interested, act quickly. The fundraiser ends on Friday.

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