FREEBASSEL with us this Friday

FREEBASSEL Amsterdam / Jackie Slowtremor
FREEBASSEL Amsterdam / Jackie Slowtremor

This Friday, 15 March, is the one-year anniversary of the detainment of CC Syria lead Bassel Khartibil by the Syrian government. It’s also the second anniversary of the start of the conflict in Syria.

Bassel is a software engineer who has been an important open web advocate and a big part of the CC community for many years. For the past year, CC has been supporting the FREEBASSEL project, which aims to draw attention to his detainment and ultimately secure Bassel’s release.

This Friday, FREEBASSEL is planning a day of global solidarity, inviting everyone to host events, demonstrations, and parties in honor of Bassel. You can do anything – make posters, release software, translate his Wikipedia entry, throw a party at a local bar. Have a cheers for #FREEBASSEL and tweet the picture of your group in your local language. It’s a day to remember Bassel and spread the word.

You can find out about events already being organised for Free Bassel Day, or post about your own, at Some of the great events already being organised by the CC community include:

  • CC France and OKFN are organising a Syrian dinner in Paris;
  • CC Netherlands and Kennisland have created a poster with information and are placing it behind metal bars throughout Amsterdam, to mimic Bassel’s incarceration;
  • CC HQ is teaming with Wikimedia and EFF to hold a FreeBassel event in San Francisco, with activities and a FREEBASSEL photo shoot.

Or, most simple of all, show your support by sharing this video with your friends and sign the letter.