Google Image Search improves license filtering

If you use Google Image Search to look for CC-licensed photographs, you might have noticed an improvement to the interface this week. Rather than having to hunt for it in the advanced search options, you can now filter by CC license right from the “Search Tools” menu on the search results page.

You can also get to Google Image Search results – along with results from numerous other search engines – through our Creative Commons Search page.

Via Lessig

2 thoughts on “Google Image Search improves license filtering”

  1. Is there a page that explains how to mark the pictures? I use plugins that put a CC-BY in my pictures, but google does ignore this.



    1. Hi Stefan, the simplest answer is to use the license chooser. If you copy-and-paste the HTML code that the chooser provides you, it will include the licensing info in a way that search engines can understand.

      If you’d like a more sophisticated explanation of how our machine-readable licenses work, see this page.

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