ShareAlike compatibility process and criteria discussion opens


We are now opening the discussion for our compatibility process and criteria for the ShareAlike licenses. As established in the drafting process, 4.0 includes a compatibility mechanism that allows for other licenses to be compatible with the ShareAlike licenses, allowing for greater interoperability of freely-licensed content, but no other licenses have been approved as compatible yet. We are looking to the CC community to help us develop the criteria and process before formally evaluating licenses as candidates for ShareAlike compatibility, and to kick off this discussion, we now have a draft posted for feedback: ShareAlike compatibility process and criteria.

We want this to be a process that the CC community trusts, and so this is a first draft, not a final document. We invite everyone to participate in the discussion on the license development list; it will end on May 28.

One thought on “ShareAlike compatibility process and criteria discussion opens”

  1. I recently tried giving some informal advice to somebody writing/designing a boot animation for Andrdoid. I realized, as this lives in the nether-space between software and artwork, it’s not clear whether he should use a Free Software or CC-type Free Culture License. I’m not sure if that’s a real corner case, but for whatever the corner case is — it should be as clear as possible what you should do there. (What, dual-license?)

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