Team Open: Stories of how we use Creative Commons

A few weeks ago, we published a report showing that there are nearly a billion Creative Commons–licensed works. That’s an impressive number, but it only hints at how powerful and widespread CC licenses have become.

The real story of Creative Commons is the story of the people who use CC licenses. It’s the story of people who use CC licenses to make information, education, and data more public and accessible. Creators who have built real careers on free and open content. Policymakers working to make open the rule, not the exception. If you’re reading this, the story of CC is your story.

Today, we’re proud to present Series Two of Team Open, our ongoing project to tell the stories of people who use Creative Commons. In Series Two, you’ll meet a musician who used Creative Commons licensing to score a sponsorship deal with Toyota, a filmmaker who convinced his funders to give his film away, a professor who saved students a million dollars, and one of the minds behind the best-selling game on Amazon.

When you use a CC-licensed photo in a presentation or share your latest song under CC, you’re a part of the story of CC’s impact in the world. We’re proud to share in this amazing journey with you.

If you’re proud to be on Team Open, please consider making a donation to help carry Creative Commons into 2015.

One thought on “Team Open: Stories of how we use Creative Commons”

  1. My name is Warren Smith. I am the engineer and general manager behind We’ve produced and published audiobooks into creative commons for a while now. This last year Netflix’ HOUSE OF CARDS television show featured an excerpt from our work with Jane Aker, in A Tale of Two Cities. Had it not been for CC the good folks in post-production would have probably never heard our recording, which they liked well enough to license for broadcast. Our recording of A Tale of Two Cities is licensed CC-BY.

    Thank you for your organization and leadership in free culture. Next we are gearing up to kickstart a high level production of The Picture of Dorian Gray, also to be recorded with Jane Aker. We are all enthusiastic and looking to spread the word.

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