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Meet the Artists Commissioned for the Public Domain Day Celebration

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Creative Commons is pleased to be a part of the second annual Public Domain Day (PDD) celebration held in Washington D.C. on January 30, in collaboration with the Internet Archive, the Institute for Intellectual Property & Social Justice, the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, and SPARC.

CC TilesIn order to celebrate the public domain and highlight the work of artists around the world who contribute to the global commons, we are excited to showcase the creative works of six artists during the PDD celebration in Washington, D.C. Following the event, these works will be made available under a CC License or released into the public domain. 

Meet the artists below! 

Darnell Gardner is a photographer from Detroit. He explores how our senses of self form, fall, and form again.

Connect with Darnell on Instagram @dgardnerjr.

David Amoroso shows his admiration for Latin culture through his artwork. Although the majority of his work is dedicated to painting portraits of everyday people, he also represents Mexican pop culture through his work. David has exhibited and worked in the D.C. Metro Area, New York, California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Mexico, as well as Central and South America.

Connect with David on Instagram @amorosoart.

Laci Jordan is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, Creative Director, and the true definition of a modern-day renaissance woman. Laci’s work concentrates on color, pop culture, the representation of marginalized people, and the intersectionality that exists amongst all of these spheres.

Connect with Laci on Twitter @SoLaciLike or on Instagram @solacilike.

Naturel is a celebrated artist and leader in the creative community and we are excited that he will be showcasing some of his works during our event. Naturel’s influence in the art world and pop culture demonstrates the power creators of color have to shift culture once they are given direct access to their audiences and the power to build their own platforms. 

Connect with Naturel on Twitter @therealnaturel or on Instagram @naturel.

Rikasso’s work is best described as a collage of various components that work in tandem to create one cohesive picture. Viewing the various components becomes an engaging game of look-and-find. By using various relatable references, Rikasso gives viewers a sense of themselves in the work. 

Connect with Rikasso on Twitter @Big_Rikassi or on Instagram @rikasso.

Tenbeete Solomon, aka Trap Bob, is a visual artist, illustrator, and animator based in the D.C. Metro Area. She is known for her use of bold colors and gestures to convey both the humor and struggles of everyday life. Her work is socially conscious and frequently inspired by activism and community issues, with an aim to bridge the gap between her audience and her message. As the founder of Trap Bob World, LLC, a freelance design and product company, Tenbeete has worked with leading corporations, brands, and organizations—including Giphy, Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Elizabeth Warren Campaign, Apple, and Refinery 29. 

Connect with Tenbeete on Twitter @trapbob or on Instagram @trapxbob.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post showcasing these artists’ final works!

Interested in attending the event? Register here! If you’re not able to join us, there will be a webcast available here, starting from 6:30 PM EST on January 30, 2020!

Posted 21 January 2020