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Grant for the Web Announces Early Grantees


Grant for the Web, the $100 million fund for efforts that utilize and build upon the Web Monetization standard, today announced $250,000 in funding for a small group of projects: Free Music Archive, Coronavirus Tech Handbook, DEV, and Grant for the Web Ambassadors. These “early grantees” represent the wide array of endeavors that this project is designed to support. From today’s announcement:

From an urgent COVID-19 response project that monetizes collaborative documents for charitable relief to a hackathon offering developers a chance to learn about open standards in Web Monetization, to an artist exploring ways to generate revenue from her original work, these awardees demonstrate that there is a fierce appetite and enormous talent for exploring new ways – and motivations – to exchange money on the web using open standards.

Creative Commons is proud to work alongside Coil, Mozilla, and Loup on Grant for the Web, which is is working to “fund individuals, projects, and global communities that contribute to a privacy-centric, open, and accessible Web Monetization ecosystem.” We’re especially excited that Grant for the Web is committed to awarding at least 50% of all grant dollars to projects that will be openly licensed.

Grant for the Web’s first open call for proposals is open now through June 12, 2020 at 12:00pm (PST). Learn more and consider applying.

Posted 21 May 2020