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Introducing Our Google Season of Docs 2020 Participants

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Code is just one part of open source;  good documentation is essential for both users and contributors in order for open source projects to succeed. We’re excited to announce that Creative Commons is participating for the first time in Google Season of Docs, a program that pairs experienced technical writers with open source projects in need of better documentation.

We’ve selected technical writers to work with us from September to December 2020 on three different projects related to the CC Catalog API, CC Vocabulary, and our new WordPress base theme.

Meet our technical writers!

Ariessa Norramli
Ariessa Norramli

Photo Credit: Ariessa Norramli

I’m Ariessa Norramli, a freelance writer who happens to be a 3rd-year Software Engineering student from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. I have about 5 years of freelance writing experience in different areas, such as content writing, technical writing, and copywriting. I’ve been a self-taught programmer, first teaching myself programming at 15. I love to read, code, and play the piano during my free time. I was also a Google Season of Docs 2019 participant under GNU Mailman.

Ariessa will work on improving the documentation for the CC Catalog API for both developers and contributors. She will be improving the automatically generated documentation as well as writing some narrative sections to add more context. Ariessa will be mentored by CC’s Software Engineer Alden Page. You can follow the progress of this project through the GitHub repo and the #cc-search channel on our Slack community.

Jacqueline Binya
Jacqueline Binya

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Binya

I am a technical writer and front-end developer from Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa. I am passionate about the web and fascinated about how it can be harnessed to effectively solve problems within communities and in businesses. I transitioned into tech in 2019 after years of being a full-time carer to my son with special needs. I am an  Andela FullStack  BootCamp (Kigali, Rwanda Cycle 11) graduate and I have a background in Electrical Power Engineering. I am also an avid blogger, and in my personal blog I write tech-related articles documenting my learning,  occasionally I write about life in general or the odd new JavaScript framework. 

Jacqueline will work on documenting usage of our new WordPress base theme, which forms the basis of our upcoming redesigns to, CC Certificates, CC Global Summit, and more. Her work will allow the open source community to contribute to those projects more effectively. Jacqueline will be mentored by CC’s Web Developer Hugo Solar. You can follow the progress of this project through the GitHub repo and the #cc-dev-wordpress channel on our Slack community.

Nimish Nikhil Bongale
Nimish Nikhil Bongale

Photo Credit: Nimish Nikhil Bongale

Hello! I am Nimish Bongale, a final year Information Science Engineering student, pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. I possess a well-cultivated knowledge of Front End Web Development (ReactJS, VueJS), App Development(React-Native, Native Android), and Data Structures & Algorithms. I finished writing a research paper on “Spider Monkey Optimization” and completed a group project on streamlining the interactive medical diagnosis flows. During the past few years, I learned the importance of utilizing my skill sets for the betterment of society. This led me to take part in many technical events promoting social good. My main hobbies are playing chess (which you could most definitely call an addiction), badminton, and my guitar. I’m also particularly interested in blogging, communicating, and speaking to the masses!

Nimish will work on developing a comprehensive usage guide for CC Vocabulary, our web design system that has just begun to be deployed across CC websites. His work will improve the experience for both CC Vocabulary contributors and CC staff. Nimish will be mentored by CC Vocabulary maintainer Dhruv Bhanushali with assistance from CC’s Web Developer Hugo Solar and Front End Engineer Zack Krida. You can follow the progress of this project through the GitHub repo and the #cc-dev-vocabulary channel on our Slack community.

We’re very excited to be working with these talented writers and can’t wait to get started! 

Want more technical updates? Including the latest updates on these projects? Follow the Creative Commons Open Source blog and @cc_opensource on Twitter! You can also join #cc-developers on our community Slack.

Posted 20 August 2020