Registration Is Now Open for the CC Global Summit! Join Us on 19–23 October!

Alison Pearce

The CC Global Summit is back and better than ever! For the first time in its history, we’ve moved the entire event online. This has allowed us to support multiple time zones and languages as well as host two keynote panels and over 150 sessions with more than 200 speakers across 40 countries (with more to be added).

Yes, you read that right! Over 150 sessions and more than 200 speakers! 

There’s a lot of exciting activities in store, and between now and the 19th of October we’ll feature a few of them on our blog and social media. To kick things off, we’re sharing some exciting highlights:

Art by Marco Villar (CC BY)
  • 150+ Sessions: This year we’re hosting sessions on a range of topics, such as artificial intelligence and creativity, traditional cultural expressions and the public domain, open science and research, ethics of “open,” collaborating across regions and cultures, increasing language diversity, internet censorship, and more!
  • The Playground: For years you’ve told us you wanted a space of your own, 2020 is the year we’re giving it to you! The Playground is a community-driven space where you can hold open office hours, create an ideation room, share a virtual “coffee” with a friend, network with experts in your field, or just have a good laugh with an old friend! 
  • Hack4OpenGlam: We’re co-hosting @hack4openglam, a four-day culture hack for all creators and tinkerers to get creative with open access cultural heritage. Register your interest, and submit your project here!
  • CC Summit Closing Celebration: This is a virtual event featuring live DJ sessions, performance art, co-creative experiences, and music to celebrate the artistic side of our global community.

Throughout the 2020 CC Global Summit, there will be sessions for both newcomers to Creative Commons and long-time supporters. We welcome anyone interested in issues related to open education, open science, open source, copyright reform, cultural heritage, and more to join us for discussion and debate, workshops and planning, talks and community building. 

View the full program for the 2020 CC Global Summit here!

It’s been a wild ride as we’ve transitioned our annual in-person event to a fully virtual one, and we’re proud of what we’ve created. We’re excited to kick off the event and we can’t wait for you to join us, from wherever you are in the world.

Questions? Check out our short FAQ below!

  • Is the CC Global Summit free?

Yes! This event is 100% free to attend. 

  • How do I register?

In order to ensure a safe, engaging, and welcoming space for event attendees, we’re asking you to fill out the Intent to Register form. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive a welcome email and confirmation of receipt. Closer to the event, we’ll send you more details on how to access our virtual platform. We’ll also email you information on the additional tools we’ll be using during the event, including Slack channels, social media handles, and hashtags to follow. Finally, we’ll share with you tips and tricks, networking opportunities, accessibility considerations, our code of conduct, and more! 

  • How do I attend sessions?

The event will be held virtually through our event platform and across multiple time zones. Our event platform is accessible on desktop or mobile and has multiple interface languages available. With 150+ sessions, we know you won’t be able to attend everything so we’ll try our best to ensure that live content (e.g. keynotes, sessions, performances) is recorded and shared following the end of the event.

  • How do I receive communication about the event?

We’ll be sending detailed instructions, program information, and more via email. When you fill out the Intent to Register form, the email you provide will be our primary contact. Be sure to check your email regularly for updates!

  • Are you accepting volunteers?

Yes! Our call for volunteers is open until October 1, 2020. We’re looking for Community Liaisons and Summit Website Content Translators. Learn more about these volunteer opportunities here

👋 Fill out this form to attend the CC Global Summit!