You Can Now Sponsor CC’s Open Source Work on GitHub!

Kriti Godey

Creative Commons is now accepting sponsorship via GitHub Sponsors!

CC’s small engineering team builds essential open-source infrastructure for CC-licensed and public domain content. Our tools make it easier for anyone to:

  • release original content under an open license.
  • find and responsibly reuse openly licensed and public domain content.
  • connect to the larger ecosystem of openly licensed content on the internet.

Our projects include:

  • Our CC Search set of tools
    • CC Search: our search engine for openly licensed content.
    • CC Catalog API: a free API that allows anyone to integrate CC Search data into their own applications.
    • CC Catalog: our index of 500 million+ openly licensed works that power CC Search.
    • The CC Search browser extension: which makes CC Catalog searchable on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.
  • The new CC license chooser: an educational tool that allows users to pick the right license for their needs.
  • The CC WordPress plugin: which allows WordPress users to easily release their content under a CC license or tool.
  • The (soon to be launched) CC legal database: which lists legal precedents and articles related to CC licenses.
  • The Linked Commons: graph analysis of the impact of CC licenses on the internet.
  • Our new CC license infrastructure: which will serve legal code, human-readable deeds, and machine-readable RDFs for all 630+ unique Creative Commons licenses (across all jurisdictions), plus translations.
  • CC Vocabulary: our open web design system.

…and many more!

You can find more information about our projects and community at CC Open Source.

CC’s open source products are a public good and provide critical infrastructure for the open internet. They are offered for free to the public and used by millions.

Without CC’s open source products, the ecosystem for openly licensed content would suffer considerably. For example:

  • Discoverability of CC-licensed content would be limited and locked into proprietary platforms.
  • There would be no APIs that enable open access repositories to easily use CC licenses.

All of CC’s open source projects are maintained by a small staff on a limited budget and we need your help to keep our projects running.

Please consider sponsoring our work on GitHub Sponsors.