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Calling All Copyright Advocates: CC Copyright Platform Now Accepting Funding Proposals


Brigitte Vézina, the Director of Policy and Open Culture, has facilitated the CC Copyright Platform for the past three years since the Platform’s relaunch in 2020. This year, the CC legal team—Kat Walsh and Yuanxiao Xu—is taking over the facilitator role for the Copyright Platform. 

The Creative Commons Copyright Platform is a collaborative space for people who are interested in copyright policy issues. We work in a transparent, professional, ethical and public manner to undertake projects and activities aimed at fulfilling agreed-upon, collaboratively developed goals and principles. 

In 2023, we have a fund of $20,000 to support copyright advocates and practitioners to identify, plan and coordinate copyright law and policy-related activities. We are especially excited about receiving community proposals for funded-activities this year, because it is the first year since 2020 that we are able to support in-person activities. To submit a proposal, please request to join the CC Policy Mailing List, and fill out the proposal form by March 20.

In addition to the funded activities, the Copyright Platform hosts monthly meetings where guest speakers are invited to lead discussions on topics of interest, and Platform members share copyright-related news/announcements from across the globe.

Do you also want to get involved? Don’t hesitate!

Posted 15 March 2023