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A Journalist’s Guide to Creative Commons 2023

Open Journalism

Sharing and reusing content in newsrooms is nothing new. But embracing Creative Commons unlocks infinitely more potential, completely free of charge. Increasingly, news outlets around the world embrace Creative Commons to enhance their coverage, boost their readership, and move towards more sustainable business models. 

Whether you work for a smaller newsroom seeking high quality, newsworthy photos that are free to use, or are part of a larger operation, like Propublica, that CC licenses all news to increase access and spread, CC licenses are free, powerful tools at your disposal.  

Yet, some journalists may not be aware of the potential and ease of these tools. Open Newswire and Creative Commons partnered to offer a practical primer on Creative Commons for journalism, and how to make the most of CC licenses. Enjoy!

For more information about Open Newswire, the global aggregator of CC-licensed articles, contact

For more information about CC licensing your works, or reusing others’ CC licensed content, visit the CC FAQ page, the CC Certificate training resources, or contact for a consultation. 

CC also offers free “office hours” with our copyright lawyers and periodic trainings. We will run open journalism trainings at the 2023 Collaborative Journalism Summit June 6, online at RightsCon June 7 in partnership with Open Newswire, and The Conversation, and at Media Party June 8. CC will host additional open journalism training at the CC Summit, October 3-6. We hope to connect with you. 

You can view the guide below (click at the bottom to navigate through pages), or download it in a PDF format.

A Journalist’s Guide to Creative Commons 2023” by Zac Crellin and Jennryn Wetzler for Creative Commons, licensed CC BY 4.0.


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Posted 05 June 2023