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CC’s take on the European Media Freedom Act

Open Journalism
Man lying on bench reading newspaper. The Artist's Father, Reading a Newspaper” by Albert Engström - 1892 - Nationalmuseum Sweden, Sweden - Public Domain.

Last month, the European Parliament and Council gave the green light to an important piece of legislation: the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA). In this blog post, we look at the aims of the EMFA and why it matters for Creative Commons (CC) and everyone’s right to access trustworthy information.

A Journalist’s Guide to Creative Commons 2023

Open Journalism

Sharing and reusing content in newsrooms is nothing new. But embracing Creative Commons unlocks infinitely more potential, completely free of charge. Increasingly, news outlets around the world embrace Creative Commons to enhance their coverage, boost their readership, and move towards more sustainable business models.  Whether you work for a smaller newsroom seeking high quality, newsworthy…

Global Report on the State of Journalism Released

Open Journalism

Download the report From Broken Revenue Models to Embracing an “Open” Ethos A new global report on the state of journalism has been published by Creative Commons (CC) which identifies the growing challenges of combatting disinformation and the disconnect between the public and the media. CC, in partnership with Google News Initiative, created CC’s Open…

Join us for ‘Ground Truth in Open Internet’ — the new Creative Commons Open Journalism Webinar Series and Training

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Journalism provides a crucial public service. Access to verifiable information and stories that question the underlying terrain of power is critical to democratic societies. Yet, journalism as we know it faces existential new challenges. Increasingly, journalists face work-halting financial and ethical challenges, as well as threats to their physical and digital safety, when sharing information…

How a News Outlet Used CC BY to Help Its Journalist

Open Journalism
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A key principle of the open movement is that the power of information relies on its accessibility. As researcher and activist Bushra Ebadi expressed to us recently, “Access to information is intrinsically tied to the right to know and the right to exist.”    We often receive stories from around the world illustrating how Creative Commons…