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ccMixter: A Collaborative Music Community

Open Culture
The ccMixter logo: A black record with a green border and a white reversed, nested C inside a larger white C on a green center, all to the left of a lowercase “mixter” in gray with the X green, above “collaborative community” in gray.

The new ccMixter logo designed by community memberAirtone.

Back in 2004, was born when Creative Commons and Wired magazine collaborated to support communities engaged in remixing openly-licensed and public domain music. As it has evolved over the years, ccMixter has become an independent project that supports musicians and creators working in remix culture, connecting them with each other and their fans. To reflect ccMixter’s contemporary identity, they have developed a new logo and a new tagline, “collaborative community”, represented by the “cc” in their name and logo.

Starting in 2009, ccMixter’s marks, terms of use, and format were managed by both Creative Commons and ArtisTech Media, an organization that supports global open music communities. Going forward, ccMixter will be operated independently by ArtisTech Media alone, with Creative Commons’ enthusiastic support.

“Today we’re celebrating an exciting new chapter for ccMixter,” said Emily Richards, CEO of ArtisTech Media. “Our history with Creative Commons and its licenses built a solid foundation for our community’s culture of sharing. We’re ready to take our creative collaboration to yet another level.”

Along with their new identity and independence, ccMixter has updated their platform to use the latest CC licenses, version 4.0, which enable shared music to be remixed more flexibly and with greater legal certainty across international jurisdictions.

“We are delighted that ccMixter can now be independently stewarded by the expert hands of Emily and her colleagues at ArtisTech Media,” said Catherine Stihler, CEO of Creative Commons. “Better sharing and the ability for us to work together with like-minded organizations further increases the value of the commons for generations to come. We wish Emily and her colleagues well and know that the commons is stronger for our working together to enable this project to live and grow in their hands.”

CC salutes ccMixter and its collaborative community and the ongoing beat of remix culture!

Posted 27 June 2023