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“We Are the Commons”: Art for the 2023 CC Global Summit


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A colorful illustration of a wall of windows, each showing a different figure, including an axolotl and humans engaged in various activities, one wearing a blue luchador mask, and others holding a slender blue line hung with a light blue CC Global Summit banner, all surrounded by butterflies, birds, vines, and flowering plants.
Somos El Bien Común” by Eréndira Derbez is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

The CC team and community volunteers have been working hard on preparations for the 2023 Global Summit, and we are thrilled to announce the official artwork for this event! “Somos El Bien Común” is a representation of Mexico’s vibrant culture and rich history.

We worked with a local artist, Eréndira Derbez, to reflect the theme of “AI & the Commons” and combine the essences of the open movement and Mexico. In “Somos El Bien Común”, a symphony of color, community, and culture comes together to encapsulate the spirit of our global movement and our connections to the new technologies and practices.

Eréndira is based in Mexico City, where she works as an author, artist, and art historian. She is co-founder of the Plumbago Design and Illustration Studio, which focuses on educational, editorial, and cultural projects globally, and often engages in social justice and gender politics. You can learn more about Eréndira on her personal website.

Each window of this artwork tells a story. From the beloved axolotl, an endangered salamander found only in Mexico City, to the luchador wrestling mask, there are many elements that showcase the energy of Mexico and evoke a sense of community, collaboration, and open sharing. We invite you to pick your favorite panel and be on the lookout for individual releases of each window on our social media channels!

Eréndira has released “Somos El Bien Común” with an CC BY 4.0 license, so as long as you credit the artist, we encourage you to reshare and reuse this open work to make connections with this year’s Summit. You can also download a layered SVG version.

About the CC Global Summit

During 3–6 October 2023, we will be gathering at the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco to unite, share ideas, and create a brighter future for open sharing. We are thrilled to be organizing the event in collaboration with CC Mexico, and hope you will be able to join in what will be an unforgettable experience. As we count down to this event, we hope this official artwork can serve as an exciting symbol for what is to come!

Join us at the Summit in Mexico City! Visit our Summit website for more information and to register today.

Posted 06 August 2023